Minipresso™️ Coffee Maker
Minipresso™️ Coffee Maker
Minipresso™️ Coffee Maker
Minipresso™️ Coffee Maker
Minipresso™️ Coffee Maker

Minipresso™️ Coffee Maker

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As parents, we're always on the go. Raising our kids is the most demanding job in the world, with minimal sleep we're often pushing the boundaries of needs to be done so we can provide the best upbringing for our little ones. To power through we've sourced an innovative Minipresso Coffee Maker to get us through the day. It is controlled by a self-loader cylinder that juts from the gadget. When you squeeze it a few times over a time of thirty seconds, you create up to 8 bars of coffee (simply like business coffee machines) and a fix of coffee that is syrupy, sweet, and solid. Despite coming with its own espresso cup, it is perfect for on the go for the busy parent. Just add a scoop of ground beans and a little hot water and you're ready to go!

  • Simple to use. With the help of the semi-automatic piston, small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter. After a few pushes, the optimal extraction pressure is achieved. Rich and bold espresso is extracted. 
  • Push Powered – doesn't require compressed air, N2O cartridges or electricity for its operation. Hand operated, you are free to prepare coffee drinks that you love. 
  • 8 Bars Of Pressure – Produces 8 bars of pressure like commercial cafe machines to brew rich espresso.
  • Travel Ready – Small and light enough to take anywhere. This is the smallest and lightest espresso maker in the world
  • Just Add Hot Water – Simply add hot water and you’re ready to brew espresso.
  • Non-Electric. No batteries, No power cord
  • BPA Food Safe.

  • Pressing 13 times: Ristretto (super concentrated)
  • Pressing 18 times: Expresso (espresso)
  • Pressing 28 times: Double Expresso (double espresso)
  • In addition, water + Expresso = American



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